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More Latvian Sentiments, 2014

"More Latvian Sentiments" is the second CD recorded and published by "Antehed Music" in 2014.

Since the release in November 2014, the CD has received very good reviews from different journals in Latvia, including Sestdiena and Muzikas Saule.

Below is a copy of the CD's info text:

“More Latvian Sentiments” is the second CD featuring a personal selection of jazz interpretations of Latvian music, including varying genres such as old traditional and modern contemporary music. The first CD, “Latvian Sentiments”, released in 2011, was very well received in both Latvia and Sweden, and was nominated for the Latvian equivalent to the Grammy award. Since then, Latvian singer Jolanta Gulbe-Paškeviča, Latvian saxophone and flute player Deniss Paškevičs and my different jazz groups have been doing several concert tours called “Latvijas sajutas” (i.e “Latvian Sentiments”) in Latvia, Sweden and Norway.

As a Swedish musician, arranger and composer, I’ve approached the music from a non-traditional angle with a large amount of artistic freedom, connecting melody themes with specially composed introductions and interludes. While a more traditional chamber jazz perspective shaped the arrangements on the first CD, this time the starting point has been each song’s unique characteristics. In addition to the vocal components and the main jazz quartet setup, a variety of jazz influences and different instruments such as flute, saxophone, Rhodes piano, Theremin, accordion, pedal steel guitar, percussion and the Latvian ethnic instrument kokle have been used to further colour the arrangements. The musical mixture therefore varies from samba to drum and bass through cool jazz ballads. We hope that you as the listener will enjoy this broad mixture of musical influences and cultures as much as we musicians have enjoyed working together in this multicultural project. Music and love are two common transboundary languages that all people share, and they are also the foundation of this CD.

Hans Antehed, October 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden


Jolanta Gulbe-Paškeviča - vocals

Deniss Paškevičs - saxophone & flute

Hans Antehed - arrangements, piano, Rhodes, accordion, kokle & Theremin

Anders Eriksson - double bass & electro bass

Daniel Olsson - drums & percusson

Niklas Widén - guitar & pedal steel guitar


1. Gula meitīna (Trad., arr: H.Antehed)

2. Caur sidraba birzi gāju (Trad., arr: H.Antehed)

3. Ķiršu lietus (Z.Liepiņš/A.Krūklis, arr: H.Antehed)

4. Skaisti dziedi lakstīgala (Trad., arr: H.Antehed)

5. Es redzēju jūriņā (Trad., arr: H.Antehed)

6. Zied ievas Siguldā (R.Pauls/A.Smagars, arr: H.Antehed)

7. Tek saulīte tecēdama (Trad., arr: H.Antehed)

8. Es redzēju sapnī (I.Kalņinš/J.Helds, arr: H.Antehed)

9. Nepiesauc, nepasauc mani vēl (R.Pauls/A.Rancāne, arr: H.Antehed)

10. Ir tikai tveice (I.Kalņinš/A.Jirgens, arr: H.Antehed)

About the recording

Recorded in Uppsala, Sweden and Riga, Latvia during March-April & August-October 2014.

Recording: Niklas Widén, Hans Antehed and Valdis Indrišonoks

Mixing: Niklas Widén

Mastering: Ivars Ozols

Executive producer and music producer: Hans Antehed

Graphics and Design: Sabīne Masaļska

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